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Any size, any shape, any colour!

On our website you can see a selection of bespoke tarpaulin covers that have been designed specifically for each of our customers.

If what you are looking for is not shown on our site, please do give us a call on 01844 279377 or email frank@seal-seam.co.uk.

Here at Seal Seam we are tarpaulin manufacturers specialists, all tarpaulins are made to measure in any size and colour.

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Sandpit Covers

Seal Seam long jump covers

Long jump Pit Covers

Seal Seam Classroom Curtains

Outdoor Classroom Curtains

Seal Seam shade sails

Shade Sails

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igii All Weather Pod


Cricket Covers

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Outdoor Building Curtains

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Furniture/BBQ Covers

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Industrial Building Covers

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Pub Covers

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Trailer & Tractor Covers

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Farm Covers

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Vehicle & Trailer Covers

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